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appropriate technology 

The first step in developing a digital presentation is determining the appropriate distribution medium. Effective communication requires an understanding of the fundamental differences between Internet and CD-Rom, between passive and interactive media. Each has its strengths and limitations and weighing the commercial repercussions of your decision will enable you to make an informed choice about how to achieve your objectives.      
accessible content 

Accessibility means your clients need to be able to read your documents. We are always researching the latest statistics to find out how people use their p.c. (or Mac), how people use the Internet and how they react to interactive CD-Roms. We don't just want to make your stuff digital, we want to make it interesting, useful and easy to consult for your target audience.  

adapted to your budget 

We hear it often: "I'd love to have a decent corporate web site or CD, but the costs are prohibitive..." Many people have heard a few exorbitant numbers thrown around and assume that development costs are the major barrier preventing them from developing digital promotional material. Although it is true that a few unscrupulous companies have taken advantage of the emerging technology to make quick buck, these are the exception. The truth is that this industry has attracted many honest and resourceful individuals who know how to adapt to your budget. From a simple interactive diskette presentation to an interactive touch-screen kiosk, we can reconcile your needs with your budget. 

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